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WORKSHOP: interpretation of feelings through drawing / painting selbsthilfe & beratung



WORKSHOP: Interpretation of feelings through drawing / painting
Through this event we invite you and ourselves to guide feelings such as happiness, frustration, excitement or pain through drawing and painting. In the Zusammen*spiel / Self-help idea you are your own guide. We designed this workshop to come together and heal ourselves.

We will provide some material but please also bring some yourself such as a canvas.
The workshop will include 4 meetings from 12-15 o’ clock on the following dates: 2.12. ; 9.12. ; 16.12. ; 23.12. 2018

It will take place in​ Friesenstraße 6, 10965 Berlin​​ (The space is wheelchair accessible but the toilet unfortunately isn’t.)

If you are interested, we are glad if you write us a short message to selbsthilfe@wildwasser-berlin.de. 

The “selbsthilfe & beratung” events are organised for women*, trans*, khitan (so-called "female genital mutilation"), non-binary, genderqueer folx, femmes… who experienced sexualized violence in their childhood. This workshop is open to people who are not assigned male and identifying with it as birthborn (means: no cis-men).  Self-determination, as well as taking care of yourself and each other are the basis for the events.
Hopefully see you soon!
A workshop with                            
​Sofie Hadad & Rimna & Rajaa shamam